About Us

Lightbulb Learning and Training was established in 2008 by Paul Rabenowitz. We are passionate about the education, transformation, and professionalism of the financial planning industry.

What We do:

Lightbulb specialises in providing training for professional individuals at all levels

Our efficient and effective study materials and lectures will guide you through all the theory and calculations at the level you will be required to know in your exams.

Our method incorporates abundant practical examples in addition to past examination questions and a detailed investigation of the examination guidelines provided by the University.

Our high quality, comprehensive notes will help you master all the required material and will navigate you through your prescribed reference work

You will also become part of a stimulating learning environment and have meaningful interaction and networking with like-minded highly motivated fellow students.

Benefits of using us:

We are dedicated and committed to helping you exceed your own expectations.

We provide calm support, superb patience, and tough love encouragement

Tailor-made training options available for groups and Corporate clients

Lightbulb gives structure in your preparations for the exam by dividing the voluminous study material into manageable sections that logically follow in sequence and tie the theory in with the practice.

Our lectures are presented in a highly intelligent, furiously passionate, and superbly witty way, which is exciting, contagious, and inspiring

Our Team

Paul Rabenowitz

Founder and Principal lecturer

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (Cum Laude), Certificate in Pension Funds Law, Certificate in Administration of Estates (Cum Laude), Certificate in Fiduciary Governance, Certificate in Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law, Programme in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (Cum Laude), Programme in Financial Management (Cum Laude), Programme in Risk Management (Cum Laude).

Paul specialises in providing training for financial planners for formal qualifications, regulatory examinations, professional competence and the FPI Board Exams. In 2007, Paul was awarded the prize for top advanced postgraduate student in the country and for both modules. He is the managing editor of The South African Financial Planning Handbook, Fundamentals of Financial Planning and the Legislation Handbook and Preparatory Guide for RE 1 & RE 5, all published by LexisNexis. He is He has been a guest speaker at numerous events. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Markets.

Anelda Slabbert

Director of E-Learning

Anelda is an accomplished and well-travelled administrator and coordinator of events, big and small. She has a proven track record of bringing people together in a constructive setting which allows for the exchange of ideas to the benefit of all attendees.

She has a passion for training and education and will never hesitate to go that crucial extra mile to ensure the success of every event.

Anelda successfully completed courses in finances and administration fields.

Anelda is looking forward to getting to know all our clients and she will ensure that your expectations of the Lightbulb experience are met.

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