PGDFP – Post graduate diploma in financial planning – Exam Preparation – Mock Exams


What to expect from our Mock Exams

*Complete mock exams based on the all the examination

guidelines and learning outcomes.

*Unique questions specifically designed to cover all the

outcomes at the same cognitive level needed for your exams.

*A variety of assessment methods to test your knowledge

and ability to apply that knowledge in different ways using

multiple choice, true and false and plenty of problem type and

case study format questions, so that you are fully prepared

for any type of question thrown at you in the exam.

*Comprehensive memorandum to all questions will be handed

out after each session including important examination

technique elements, references to legislation and page

numbers in the South African Financial Planning Handbook

and your study guides.

*Our method is to go through each mock exam on a question-by question

basis, allowing you time to complete each question

on your own and following this with a complete analysis and

discussion of all technical, legal, calculatory and exam

techniques related issues pertaining to each question.

*You will be able to grade yourself to assess your assimilation

and expression of your knowledge in an exam environment.

*Seminars run by:

Paul R, AIF®, CFP®, CIPM, FIFM, FPSA®, GFS™, M.Inst.D, RF™