PGDFP – Post graduate diploma in financial planning Preparation

R14,750.00 R13,410.00

The Post graduate Diploma in financial planning will enable graduands to provide financial planning services to a wide range of individual and corporate clients.

The qualification is also suitable for a wide range of non-client facing careers in financial services and elsewhere, e.g. legal advisers, corporate benefits consultants, managers, actuaries, lawyers and accountants who are interested in personal and corporate financial planning.

Our efficient and effective study materials and lectures will guide you through all the theory and calculations at the level you will be required to know in your exams. Our method incorporates abundant practical examples in addition to past examination questions and a detailed investigation of the examination guidelines provided by the University. Our high quality, comprehensive notes will help you master all the required material and will navigate you through your prescribed reference work: The South African Financial Planning Handbook. You will also become part of a stimulating learning environment and have meaningful interaction and networking with like-minded highly motivated fellow students.